International Clientele is a factor that we we respect highly at Inikio Design. The concept of this Digital Design Studio was to ensure that we can cater to our International clients just as equally as the clients in our region.
Noticeable style is the basis in which Inikio thrives. We want to showcase that our design style standouts in a world where art and design is blossoming every day. Our style is one that his a household name in itself.
Networking with our clients and other industry professionals helps to immerse ourselves into the Digital Design sphere. Where we are able to connect clients to trusted contractors or contractors to property developers; all in the name of bettering the design and construction industry.
Organic Shapes are used throughout all of our projects, to enhance what was freely granted to us by nature. Free forming movement, through the use of shapes is how we are able to elevate any space.
Variety of Services that Inikio is able to provide to cater to each client is vast. We ensure that even outside of our standard Digital Design Packages that we can create tailored, bespoke services for clients that may need extra assistance. For any special requests we will also be able to recognise where we may have to complete a clients project in-house.
Assisting the Design Process from our home base in the United Kingdom is how we are able to best support our International Clients. As our digital world as grown having access to design via digital media has made the process smoother. We do all the design and planning work so you can simply pass all information over to a contractor to complete any works.
Transformation within each project is what we look forward too at Inikio Design. Understanding that through each installation there is a story to be told, which is done through spatial design.
Elevating a Space is what we do best at Inikio Design. We take our ideas, a blank canvas and create living art through your space. We will ensure that any ideas you have will be enhanced and executed by us.